Create the in-store experience
from anywhere

CounterQ provides retailers a toolkit to engage consumers on-demand, through live video, for the best in-home shopping experience!

Seamlessly connect to, engage, and upsell your customers


Customer lands on your site and requests a retail sales associate.


Customer enters the queue and is matched with a retail associate in seconds.


Retail associate connects to help answer questions and provide suggestions.


Platform analytics help optimize product selection, associate performance, and customer re-engagement.

Save time & improve safety for everyone

Now more than ever, Retailers face restricted store capacity and safety concerns for their staff and customers. CounterQ provides the ability to maximize transactions per day without compromising safety.

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Improve safety of staff and customers
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Save customers valuable commute and wait time
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Enhance pick-up and delivery options

Get started in seconds.
No Hassle. No API.

Simply place your custom link on your website and share it with your customers. You’ll be face to face with your retail customers in no time!

Start a free trial with CounterQ today and avoid the lengthy timelines and high cost of custom development work.


Provide an amazing customer experience

Video shopping support enables your staff to answer questions, communicate your product benefits, personalize the shopping experience, and upsell your customers like never before.

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Access session notes and order data that helps your associates personalize customer visits
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Collect personal information for re-engagement
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Build community through workshops and live product demos
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Increase customer satisfaction, basket size, & LTV

Gain valuable insight

Our analytics platform and customizable intake form enable you to learn more about your customers and associates beyond what you’d get from an in-store visit.

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Track retail associate performance, including time per customer, order size,
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Acquire customer data for re-engagement
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Forecast staffing based on peak hours/demand
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Integrate seamlessly into any CRM

We’ve got you covered

We take pride in our easy-to-use technology, but in case something comes up or if you’d like to further customize your CounterQ retailer portal or intake form, our team is here to help 24/7.

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